How the West Was Really Won

When a North American hotelier wishes to woo investors from the Asia Pacific region via digital media, it’s best to call in an expert with a global perspective.

Backed by over two decades of successful digital production for some of the world’s biggest names in hospitality, QUO was the perfect fit to evolve Best Western Asia Developers’ digital presence into a sleek and modern website that wows (and woos) investors.

Best in the West (and the East)

Best Western needed a professional online showcase, effectively featuring each of their 13 diverse brands within one innovative and informative website – a task QUO was well-primed for.

Best Western re-imagined: in real life and online

To build a cyber-bridge across the Pacific, QUO harnessed its considerable resources in crafting Best Western’s attractive new online identity while staying true to each brand. To maximise effectiveness, a website must not only look good, but score high on functionality. In developing Best Western’s website, QUO carefully considered the client’s needs in balancing beauty and functionality. Fulfilling a key client request, QUO added an interactive map, enabling investors to get a clear, overall view of the development pipeline. Curious? See for yourself here –


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With a successful site launch and happy new North American client, QUO’s expanding its horizons and winning on both sides of the Pacific.