Closing the Loop: QUO Digital Opens for Business

Our new sister agency QUO Digital launched this week, offering a full spectrum of integrated digital products and services to businesses, with a focus on the needs of hotel clients.

Since launching in 1996, we have seen the importance of brand-savvy digital services grow exponentially. Now, with the launch of QUO Digital, we can better serve new and existing clients by focusing on the digital components of strategic branding. We can create websites not just aligned with the client’s brand, but aligned with their revenue goals, ‘closing the loop’ between strategy and web performance.

By analysing web performance data, QUO Digital holds up a ‘brand mirror’ that reveals how successful brand strategy converts to bookings. Working with QUO, clients can then tweak and evolve their brand strategy to improve web performance and maximise online revenue.

“The hospitality sector in particular is lagging when it comes to embracing as a revenue-driving sales portal,” says Head of QUO Digital, Brian Anderson. “QUO Digital will allow clients to not only maximise their’s performance, but allow them to compare their brand’s vision to its reality, and feed information back to QUO, who can use the data to inform any shifts in strategy.”

QUO Digital offers the full range of digital development and marketing services, including design, web development, hosting, display and PPC advertising, social media and content creation.

You can check out QUO Digital’s new website here