Banking on Creative Digital Design

We all like a challenge every now and then. And that’s exactly what QUO’s digital team got when tasked with designing a new website for hospitality-focused investment banking platform RobertDouglas.

QUO has years of experience providing branding and digital solutions in the hospitality sector, designing dozens of acclaimed websites and working with the biggest names in the hotel industry. The move into the financial sector, then, was an exciting change for our digital team, with its own set of challenges and rewards.

Working across time zones with the RobertDouglas team in San Francisco, QUO was tasked with designing an engaging, intuitive and easily navigable website that stood out from the financial and real estate crowd. RobertDouglas also wanted a website that would showcase its past projects and clients, while presenting a more personable and approachable image to the world.

RobertDouglas website

The new website is designed to bring the human side of RobertDouglas to the fore, as shown in the profile pages of founders Robert B.Stiles and Douglas P. Hercher above.

Working from a brief that allowed plenty of scope for creativity, QUO produced four design concepts for RobertDouglas to choose from. Each delivered the modernity and intuitive navigation the client required, combined with a choice of distinctive design and functionality elements that set the website and the RobertDouglas brand apart.

The final website design chosen by the client includes:

  • Large, dynamic menus with thumbnails
  • RobertDouglas’s distinctive orange brand colour used throughout the site, set against black and white backgrounds for a slightly edgy look
  • Circle-shaped full-colour images for case study listings, setting them apart from the blockier style of the overall website

Once the design was signed off, it fell to QUO’s development team to bring the website to life with our custom QUIQ content management system (QUIQ CMS). One of the major challenges we faced was to maintain full functionality and keep load times to a minimum on what is a complex, information-heavy website with plenty of large images.

We’re pleased to say our digital team and the new CMS came through with flying colours, creating a modern, compelling and responsive website that will see RobertDouglas’s digital presence well into the future.

Visit RobertDouglas’s newly launched website here: