Status QUO Issue 9

The latest issue of Status QUO is out, where we focus on the concept of ‘space’ in the hospitality industry and how architects, designers and brands are using it to transform the hotel experience.

In this issue, QUO CEO David Keen argues that the Asian tourism industry is still in its infancy and has only just begun to realise its true potential.

We also speak to two of the hotel industry’s most visionary designers – Lisa Hassanzadeh of citizenM fame and Bangkok-based Bill Bensley (The Slate, Yen Tu Mountain) – who share fascinating insights and their thoughts on the future of hotel design.

And QUO staff dig deeper into the many ways space is central what we do, from the crafting of remarkable guest journeys to how creative use of space can be found in everything we design, from simple web pages to the most intricate brochures and hotel collateral.

Also in this issue:

  • The shape of experience. Creative concepts can transform the dullest spaces into remarkable guest journeys.
  • The art of microcopy. How tiny words can sabotage great brands.
  • The ultimate space invader. Social media in the hospitality world.
  • Let’s make some noise. A look at how young entrepreneurs in Kuala Lumpur are keeping the urban marketplace alive.
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Great expectations. How strong branding can build a brighter future for educators and students.

Download the full issue here:

Status Quo Issue 9