Building a Better World, One Haus at a Time

About this time last year, we told you about the branding project QUO undertook for Vietnamese developer, EZ Land. In the lead-up to their first development project, we helped design the company’s brand architecture. We developed the parent brand (EZ Land) and child brands grouped under it. These include Saigon’s own Haus-brand housing developments.

This has been an intriguing project for QUO. It’s always enlightening to ply our trade outside the usual hospitality and tourism sectors. It’s also rewarding to know we’re lending a hand with development initiatives in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. EZ Land is introducing higher-quality housing to Saigon, raising the quality of living for local Vietnamese in the process. We’re proud to have a role to play, however small.

An EZ Land Crane hard at work in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 9.

Branding Outside the Lines 

QUO may be best-known for its branding work in the hospitality and tourism sectors, but our methodology can be effectively implemented across other industries. EZ Land is a prominent example of this. They wanted to make a strong impact with their first housing project, so they came to QUO to implement a brand strategy that would differentiate the company from existing players.

Starting with market analysis and positional mapping, QUO reworked EZ Land’s existing brand position and created a company vision – an aspirational statement of intent for existing and future brands – while also determining the key values that shape the company’s internal and external identity. The next stage of the process was reworking the company’s logos and visual identity – which takes its inspiration from the German art school, Bauhaus, to align with the brand values and culture.

QUO also provided different Tone of Voice guidelines for developer brand EZ Land (in English) and the housing product brand Haus (in Vietnamese). This work was followed up by the creation of an advertising concept and sales and marketing collateral for the public launch of HausNeo, the first property development from EZ Land. This included the creation of investor brochures, billboards, print ads and brand videos for EZ Land (in English) and HausNeo (in English and Vietnamese).

HausNeo’s in the Haus

EZ Land’s first housing initiative was HausNeo, and calling it a success is something of an understatement. HausNeo released 95% of its inventory and sold all of it within seven weeks. Delivery was pencilled in for Q2 2019, but the developer is running ahead of schedule. You can imagine how thrilled stakeholders are to see EZ Land outperforming its own benchmarks.

HausNeo is a hit, and investors are eager to learn what’s next in the pipeline and – more importantly – where they can sign. As EZ Land looks to future developments, QUO’s right there beside them, cultivating the perfect brand identity for a developer that’s elevating quality of life in one of South East Asia’s most dynamic cities.