Blending In and Standing Out in the Maldives

“Speaks for itself”, “less is more”, “no introduction needed”. While these phrases are as prevalent as resorts themselves in the Maldives, successfully putting them into practice isn’t quite so common. Newcomer resort Faarufushi was keen to try.

Faarufushi’s challenge – and our goal – was to leverage the shared qualities of the Maldives in a different way, with a new ‘less is more’ attitude that would make the brand stand out… in an unobtrusive way.



A Balancing Act

Crafting a stand-out brand in a region brimming with award-winning competitors presented an opportunity for QUO to carve out a fresh concept for Universal Resorts in familiar territory. The new identity for Faarufushi therefore gets the brand to walk a fine line between ‘standing out’ and ‘blending in’, differentiating itself through almost a contradiction in ideals.

The resultant brand whispers rather than shouts its identity. Faarufushi, like its guests, carves a niche in subtlety and refined, understated tastes. It matches pared-back design sensibilities with services that quietly go beyond those of other luxury resorts.


Discreetly eye-catching

Visual identity

Straight, Not Narrow

Staying in line with Faarufushi’s clean and modern aesthetic, QUO designed a sleek logo employing a letterform of straight lines, giving the Faarufushi name a minimalist yet vibrant look.

Adding a gradient of blue deepening across the letters evokes visions of the Raa Atoll seas, allowing the logo and any related collateral to reflect the natural environment.

Brand Voice

Minimal Words, Maximum Impact

“And any man who must say ‘I am king’ is no true king at all.”

It seems odd to quote George R. R. Martin here, but his words ring true when ‘speaking Faarufushi’. Understated extravagances are at the core of the brand’s voice, which aims to charm in a self-referential, ‘meta’ way.

This tone of voice mirrors the resort’s minimalist and uncluttered qualities. Sharp, chiselled prose allows Faarufushi’s allure to speak for itself, rather than allowing its core messages to be lost it verbose descriptions.



Lush White Space

The web requirements for Faarufushi demanded minimalist, clean design and easy navigation. This refreshingly uncluttered design results in a user-friendly website that wows with white space and vibrant imagery. Clean design also helps direct the user’s eye to the site’s most important information, as well as its booking button.

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Visit Faarufushi’s newly launched website here: