Creating a ‘Timeless’ Brand Video

The Nautilus Beach & Ocean Houses, Maldives creates desire for life’s most precious commodity: time. 

In our post Branding ‘Freedom’, we took a look at the strategy and creative work we did to position the new ultra-high-end-luxury Maldives brand, The Nautilus. Over the last few months the QUO team has been storyboarding, shooting and editing a brand video for The Nautilus, which included a week on location with a film crew in the Maldives. Hey, someone’s gotta do it.

The Challenge

A brand video should communicate the ‘look and feel’ of the brand, its positioning in the market and its core defining traits. For The Nautilus, it was critical that we achieved an ultra-high-end tone, in line with the brand’s positioning.

In many cases when a brand video is created, the product is not yet open or even built. With The Nautilus, however, we were able to include some product as we had one fully completed beach residence at our disposal. We also had the resort’s neighbouring ‘deserted island’ to shoot on, and a nearby sandbar where The Nautilus plans to host private dining and snorkelling excursions.

The Concept

The concept for the video loosely follows the narrative of a couple who find ‘freedom from time’ at The Nautilus. The look and feel is dreamy and aspirational, with subdued tones employed to balance out the saturated colours of the Maldives and visually set The Nautilus apart from other Maldivian resorts.

To convey the high-end positioning of the brand and show off its wistful tone of voice, we applied a poetic voiceover to accompany a custom-produced original soundtrack. Transitions were kept slow and subtle to reinforce a luxurious, dreamlike feel.

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We included high-definition shots of key interior and exterior areas of the beach residence, showcasing The Nautilus’ distinct interior design and architecture. These pure product shots were kept to a limited amount to avoid shifting the focus too much onto hardware and losing the emotional connection we were trying to build with our characters.

A nautilus shell visual motif was subtly employed to draw a connection both to the name and to the original inspiration of the resort.  We also incorporated some ‘boho-chic’ elements in the styling, in line with the brand identity.

The Shoot

QUO worked with a third-party video director and film crew on location in the Maldives, wrapping up the shoot in five days. Despite the looming monsoon, every day was clear and sunny (and searing hot), with shooting taking place from the moment the sun rose to the moment it sank into the sea. Still mornings and evenings meant a drone could be easily controlled for all our aerial shots.


Hot work: prepping the sandbank.


Once the shoot was wrapped, we edited the footage back in the Bangkok office, where we have a full production set-up and in-house editing team. With guidance from our third-party director John Parbury of JMP, our team produced a number of edits that offered slightly different colour tones, voiceovers, lengths and even endings.

While in the past, QUO has produced brand videos entirely in-house, the scope and vision of this project called for more hands on deck. John’s showreel matched perfectly with the look and feel we were trying to achieve for The Nautilus, and the finished product proves he was the ideal partner for the project.

The Video


The Nautilus opens in 2019. You can follow the resort on Facebook here or check out the micro-site (that we made) here