A Restaurant Concept as Different as Night and Day

Having a split personality isn’t always a bad thing.  Especially when you’re a restaurant in an insanely popular location trying to offer the people something out of the ordinary.

The sophisticated new Publico in Robertson Quay, Singapore – the all-day dining venue of the InterContinental Robertson Quay – is one such outlet. An Italian cuisine dining concept that transforms over the course of the day, Publico begins as a gourmet deli before morphing into a Ristorante and a sexy retro cocktail bar called Marcello.

To convey this fluidity of identities, the Publico peoples requested a website with a difference – one that changed, like the venue, depending on the time of day.


Strategic Web Design

Dressed for the Occasion

You wouldn’t turn up to a black-tie party cocktail party in a business suit (we hope), or conversely, wear an evening gown to brunch. Neither would Publico.

When designing a website to reflect both sides of this dining establishment, we ensured that the right side showed up at the right time. Daytime internet surfers land on Publico’s restaurant and deli page, decked out with all-day dining and gourmet deli options dressed in a delightfully warm and welcoming trattoria feeling.

Night-time visitors are treated to a different vision, after Publico dons its evening duds and emerges as the stylish vintage cocktail bar, Marcello.  Hints of a glamorous bygone era appear in a darker colour palette and vibrant evening photography.

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Fresh Dining Concepts, Fresh Technical Features

To match Publico’s innovative approach to dining, the QUO digital and video and digital design departments teamed up to develop a dynamic website. Colleagues on both teams created state-of-the-art animated logos that didn’t slow the site down.

QUO Head of Digital Benjawan ‘Bee’ Intrasuwan says that developing and implementing this web animation technique has “taken animation on QUO-designed websites to the next level.”

“The client really wanted movement and something that really connects people with the website,” says K.Bee. “We wanted to add movement without pushing users away from the content.”

K.Bee is happy with Publico’s website, particularly the animated logos which are subtle yet stylish; “Adding some candy to a page is always a good thing,” she says with a smile.


Web Copy

Buon Giorno, Buono Sera

Can you list five great things Italy has given the world? Guaranteed, food is on that list. Our web copy descriptions tempt the palate with a promise of delicious Italian fare, and deftly switching between the tones of a breezy leisurely lunch or business meeting to evenings of wining and dining Italian style to perfectly crafted cocktails in a chic vintage venue.


Tone of Voice

How Singapore Speaks Italian

Mamma Mia!  Those Italian cousins Publico and Marcello got a lot of similarities, but Marcello’s more opinionated and machismo than his cousin.  He’s a passionate guy, especially when it comes to talking muscle cars.  When these two converse, there’s no pretentiousness.  Only relaxed, laid back real talk.  So we created a tone of voice with guidelines for portraying these conversations and making it clear which cousin’s doing the talking.  Capisce?

Publico and Marcello, Tutto bene!