Branding InterContinental’s New Territory

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

InterContinental does a great job as a city slicker. With over 70 years of experience under its luxury hotel belt, this established industry leader sleeps well knowing its city properties are best in class.  Affluent, experienced and in the know, InterContinental has got a lot in common with the travellers lodging in its luxurious urban surrounds.


But what happens when urban dwellers step out of their city confines into rural resort territory? Any hardcore city-holic who’s forayed into the forest can attest that the phrase ‘fish out of water’ is an appropriate description.

How does a hospitality giant with InterContinental’s history carry their good name over into a distinct resort identity?

Simply put: QUO.

Bringing an in-depth understanding of InterContinental to the table, QUO was the ideal choice for crafting a new resort brand identity. Throw in a long-standing relationship with the hotelier, two decades of hospitality specialisation and an in-house team for all things design, QUO was well equipped to provide a fully integrated approach for InterContinental.

The Strategy

 A Leisurely Take on Iconic Luxury

Their pursuits may be leisurely, but resort guests expect luxury lodgings to be just as ‘with it’ as city hotels. Keeping the same high standards of city hotels, we switched up the style to transform into leisure. Veering off course from a city hotel’s rigidity, leisure wears different colours, evokes different feelings and is all about the fun.


Resort colours always look on the bright side

QUO combined existing in-depth InterContinental knowledge with fresh ideas from workshops to determine every aspect of the new and distinct resort brand that kept the key ‘in the know’ positioning while increasing luxury elements and heightening experiences.

jumaira - pool - leisure

Luxurious leisure – all about the experience

Visual Identity

Are Pictures Worth a Thousand Words?

With many a resort concept still a work-in-progress during the branding rehash, the QUO team injected life into the new resort brand out of mere renderings.

From conceptualisation and a healthy dose of creative thinking, a new and colourful identity was born.

Our designers created a plethora of marketing tools, including detailed brochures, website additions and advertisements. Photo guidelines were set to ensure images are honest and expressive, showing interesting angles of the destination. Richness, warmth, style and luxury are dominating factors when visually representing the new resort identity.



All About Those Direct Bookings

QUO continues a happy relationship with InterContinental, building independent property websites for the brand and writing on-brand copy primed at conveying that warm and trustworthy ‘in-the-know’ attitude.

Our more recent website builds for InterContinental include InterContinental Fujairah Resort, InterContinental Resort Bora Bora Thalasso SpaInterContinental Resort Le Moana Bora Bora, InterContinental Moorea Resort and Spa, InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa and InterContinental Resort Mauritius Balaclava Fort. Of course, we also still do city properties, such as the newly opened InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay.


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QUO also builds sites for other IHG brands, such as Holiday Inn, see here and here and Indigo, their colourful, modern resort brand. For the full story, give us a call!