Funky Finolhu Gets A Brand Makeover

We all know a good makeover can do wonders – something the groovy Finolhu knows rather well when it comes to their brand identity. Bursting onto the Maldivian resort scene in 2016, Finolhu’s dynamic retro proposition shook up traditional resort notions, enriched the local market and attracted new travellers to the Maldives. However, the resort needed a more refined brand to better target potential guests, as well as an optimised website presence that communicated the brand essence while attracting increased direct bookings.

Finolhu trusted QUO’s expertise and experience to redefine their funky brand. After all, QUO’s speciality is creating hospitality brands and they have successfully crafted fully integrated branding solutions for many clients in the Maldives. Thus, QUO was the perfect choice to strike the right balance of keeping Finolhu’s brand ‘mojo’, without going overboard into retro theme park territory.

So settle in for a little retro-spective tale of how QUO worked closely with Finolhu to produce a streamlined brand the resort could be proud of, attract guests to book online, and all the goodies that go with it.

Strategic Background

Playfully Retro

Finolhu’s fun, retro, beach-club theme is complemented by multi-day events featuring international DJs and performers. The branding challenge for QUO was to keep the retro vibe fresh and on-trend, without being over the top. There was also a balancing act to be made between partying and chilling. There had to be a dynamic approach to the brand that emphasised the brand’s lively identity without alienating guests who want to relax and enjoy the resort’s stunning natural environment.


Chillin’ at Finolhu is A-OK

QUO did a thorough preliminary analysis of Finolhu’s brand, looking at competitors and guest typologies, before executing a brand strategy plan, which included visual identification and tone of voice guidelines. Finolhu is a playful, quirky, retro resort like no other in the Maldives and this unique branding needed to be in evidence in all consumer touchpoints.

With the strategy and guidelines for images and copy in place, QUO proposed ideas to amplify the brand and then moved on to design and produce brand brochures, fact sheets, EDM template, advertising campaigns and resort collateral.


Visual Identity

Jazzed to the Max

Naturally, the Maldives’ grooviest island needs some far-out visuals. Everything from images to colours and fonts should shout out how lively, playful and fun Finolhu is. QUO combined retro style pastels with fonts that match and added in nostalgic images of fun in the sun. The Finolhu visual identity leaves all who set eyes upon it with no doubt they’ve arrived at a place of vibrant colour, playful wit and whimsical mementos.

Brand Voice

It’s My Bag, Baby

QUO built Finolhu’s brand voice around the concept of embracing impulsiveness and rejecting monotony. Dudes, dolls, maybe even a daddy-o. When the Finolhu brand voice speaks, everything’s groovy and perfectamundo, chilled out or jazzed up. The original fun in the sun. Think The Endless Summer, Beach Party, Blue Hawaii or the Gidget TV series.

‘Speaking Finolhu’ means adding healthy doses of mojo magic, retro revival and playful turns of phrase. An active voice, sprinkled with well-placed puns to remind readers Finolhu’s down for a good time. There’s no mistaking that this voice is spoken (and written) by one cool cat. Can you dig it?


Groovy Rebranding in Action

QUO also completely rebuilt and redesigned the Finolhu website, boosting the visual impact, refining the words, and putting the playful new branding – and booking button – front and centre.

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The new Finolhu website clearly shows QUO’s rebranding in action. Visually striking with a pastel colour scheme, Finolhu’s fresh online digs features quirky cool unconventional navigation and circular images that show vinyl records flipping over when clicked. Groovy retro terms are sprinkled into the relaxed, friendly copywriting.

Click the link to check out the groovy QUO branding on the funky Finolhu website –