The New Thammasat

As Thailand’s second-oldest university, and one indelibly etched in the national psyche, Thammasat University has history in the bucket-loads. But its history threatened to overshadow its innovations. QUO’s challenge was to bring the institution into the present day, while preserving its considerable legacy.

Not willing to rest on its reputation, nor rely on its position as the national university of Thailand to attract admissions, Thammasat approached QUO for a brand evolution. The university required an overhaul that would communicate its core values in a more contemporary way, while emphasising its commitment to community empowerment and positioning it as an egalitarian and progressive learning environment.

Even the most legendary of institutions requires an image update if they want to stay relevant – especially if their target market is teenagers.

Conducting several workshops onsite at the university’s Rangsit campus, we worked closely with stakeholders to gain a clearer understanding of Thammasat’s brand DNA, vision and values, and how they wished to position Thammasat going forward.

From here, QUO developed a new set of cultural traits, from which a new tagline, brand voice, visual identity and website emerged.


The Strategy

Education for the Good of All

Through a comprehensive brand audit and ideation process, we formed a Brand Culture for Thammasat that represents an institution known for civic responsibility, one that pioneers dynamic learning, forms ethical knowledge leaders and champions a progressive global community.

Tagline & Brand Voice

A New Voice

In line with this strategy, a progressive tagline was created that captures the university’s mission and values – “Engaging Minds to Better Society“.

A Tone of Voice was also developed to further articulate this new positioning, shaped around 3 principles – Ethical; Engaging; Erudite.

Visual Identity

Marked for Greatness

TU logo.png

Thammasat’s emblem over the years

Our design team was faced with a formidable task of balancing progress with history, especially for a highly recognised emblem, steeped in rich history.

In honouring the emblem’s roots, QUO developed an evolved identity which simplified key symbolic components, modernised the colour palette and created a new, custom-designed typeface.


TU logo

Essential components of the Thamassat emblem


Establishing a design system

To address visual inconsistencies within existing brand elements, QUO introduced a new design system across all mediums and platforms. We also sought to inject more dynamism, diversity and international perspective to Thammasat’s visual style, drawing inspiration from the aspirations and initiatives of its community.

TU CID.png

A brand new Corporate Identity Manual



A Platform to tell Thammasat’s Story

Like other university websites, accuracy and information availability are crucial. While it had no shortage of content, Thammasat’s website faced a significant challenge organising and communicating it in an intuitive and modern style.

QUO worked closely with Thammasat on a complete overhaul of the website from layout to content – reimagining it as a platform to tell the university’s story and mission to the world.

Today, Thammasat University projects its updated image through an eye-catching and multi-functional Thai-language site (


The foundation of our concept was that the Thammasat story and mission is best told by its community – the students, alumni and faculty.

This involved challenging the traditional organisation of university website content from static images and long-form copy, to high-quality inspirational images paired with fresh, concise and engaging text.


From restructuring navigation to introducing a grid system, the Thammasat digital experience was designed to meet and connect with the aspirations of current and prospective students.


The new site allows the university to share its achievements, as well as provide administrative, course and campus details for students, list out faculty information and house a log-in area where students can access grades and exam details.

The responsive site will soon launch in English (watch this space!), giving Thammasat University truly global reach.

Visit Thammasat’s new website at